F16 Black And Green 64mm RC Jet Vectored RTF – 2.4GHz


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The Starmax jets are truly large scale, making them not only look amazing, and dramatic but it adds to the stability of the model in the air. For true EDF jet enjoyment you’ll find it hard to beat the Starmax. The F-16 RC jet has an 800mm wingspan and a very powerful brushless motor, couple this with the 14.8V battery and 45A 5A UBEC ESC you are getting an extremely rapid model!

The speed of the F16 really has to be seen to be believed, they can be launched from the ground or hand held and as soon as you hit that throttle lever on the transmitter, this jet will rocket all the way to 80-90mph depending on flight conditions. The power that this plane packs allows it to perform a full aerobatic display: inside loops, outside loops, axial rolls, inverted flight, knife edge, stall turns, hammerheads, and spins are all possible. If you’re really good you will be able to perform the famous ‘Cobra Manoeuver’ with your F-16.

The F-16 also has a feature called thrust vectoring. Thrust vectoring is the ability of an aircraft to direct the thrust from its engine(s) in a direction other than parallel to the vehicle’s longitudinal axis. The technique was originally employed to provide upward vertical thrust as a means to give aircraft vertical (VTOL) or short (STOL) takeoff and landing ability. Soon, it was realized that using vectored thrust in combat situations enabled aircraft to perform manoeuvers not available to conventional-engined planes. One of the RC channels on this jet allows you to change the direction in which the EDF fan pushes the thrust, meaning that this is one of the most agile EDF jets that money can buy.

Included is an electronic speed controller, ducted fan with electric brushless motor and 7 electric servos all pre-installed. The 4ch 2.4GHz transmitter which is supplied with the model gives full 3D control of the aileron, elevator, rudder, throttle, and the vectored thrust. The ducted fan system with the brushless motors gives enormous power pushing the jet to crazy speeds.

The attention to detail from Starmax who are the leading RC jet manufacturers gives the jet a nice realistic appearance. The jet can take off from the ground or can be hand launched. The jet is made from shock resistant EPS foam with reinforced fuselage and strong wings. Should you need any spare parts though they are all available from our site. This plane is a lot of fun and you will certainly enjoy flying this fantastic model.


Additional Information

Manufacturer Starmax
Build RTF
Radio Equipment 2.4 GHz
Motor / Engine Brushless
Channels 4 Ch
  • Wingspan: 800mm
  • Length: 1020mm
  • Wing Load: 35 g/dmĀ²
  • Fly Weight: 1100g
  • 7 pcs 9g servos
  • Brushless motor 2632 out runner KV4100
  • 45A ESC 5A UBEC
  • Radio System: 2.4G 4Ch Tx and 7 Ch Rx
  • Battery: 2200mAh14.8V-20C
  • 4 Channel Full Function Radio Controlled (Aileron,Elevator,Throttle,Thrust Vectoring)
  • NEW 2.4GHz spectrum technology, with the functions of automatic identification and precise code pairing, strong anti-jamming, and allow more than 20 aircraft to fly at the same field at same time
  • Durable EPO Flex Foam Technology
  • Full 360 Degree Thrust Vectoring System with Scale Nozzle
  • Perfect Size for different size fields
  • Quick Easy to Remove Landing Gears for Hand Launching
  • Extrememly FAST Performance
  • Awesome EDF Jet Sound
  • Extreme Stability for Extreme SLOW Flight
  • Performs HIGH ALPHA "The Cobra Manoeuver" with Ease
  • Awesome Scale Apperance
  • Durable Landing Gears for Grass and Gravel Take Off and Landings
  • Steerable Nose Wheel
  • Rare Earth Magnet Canopy
  • Composite Blend Pre Balanced EDF Unit
  • Perform Crazy EDF3D
  • Tumbles, Waterfalls, Flat Spins, Inverted Flat Spins, Tumble to Harrier
  • Tracks Smooth and Straight for Ease of Flight
  • Extremely SCALE Landing Gear system! Super Strong metal wrapped in Super Scale Plastic outer cover for superb realism
Required To Use
  • LiPo battery balance charger
  • 8 x AA Batteries
  • Construction Glue for Polystyrene

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