Hawksky 4CH Brushless Sport Trainer RC Plane 2.4G


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Dynam Hawksky with its brushless motor is the perfect trainer for beginners, who want a plane that they can learn on, but is also capable of impressive stunts as their skills develop. Only a small amount of assembly is required once the box is opened and you’ll by flying this trainer in minutes!

The Hawksky plane is constructed from a durable EPO foam, so it can take the knocks and crashes as you learn to use it to its full capability. The Hawk Sky is propelled by a powerful Dynam Speed 400 brushless motor run off a Dynam Brushless Electronic Speed Control (ESC). This combination of power and control makes it an excellent aerobatic craft. It also comes with an Li-Po battery and charger for longer flights

The Hawksky comes with a 2.4G radio which means the range is longer and more stable plus you do not have to worry about interference from other fliers. The plane is made from strong but lightweight foam that is more resistant to crashes and gives easier stable flight even in windy conditions. The plane can take off from the ground or can be hand launched.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Dynam
Build RTF
Radio Equipment 2.4 GHz
Motor / Engine Brushless
Channels 4 Ch
  • Wing span :1370mm
  • Length : 917mm
  • Fuselage length: 870mm
  • Weight : 600g
  • Wing area: 22.8dm2
  • Charger: 3 Cell Li-po charger
  • Transmitter: 4 Ch
  • Receiver: 5CH receiver
  • Servos: 8.4g micro servos (4pcs)
  • ESC: Brushless Electronic Speed Controller
  • Hawk Sky plane inc undercarriage and propeller
  • Dynam 3 Cell standard Li-po charger
  • Brushless Electronic Speed Controller
  • Dynam Speed 400 Brushless Motor
Required To Use
  • 8 x AA Batteries

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