Mini Cessna Radio Controlled Plane Brushless version 2.4GHz RTF


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The Mini Cessna RC plane with is relatively small wing span of 540mm, but large at heart. It now comes fitted with the brand new 3G3X automatic flight stabilisation system. This model is agile and will perform all kinds of aerobatic stunts and tricks. The Cessna’s smaller wingspan allows it to be used in smaller spaces like parks and car parks making it much more usable then a larger wingspan aircraft. The 3CH Cessna trainer plane comes fitted with latest radio technology – 4Ch 2.4GHz LCD transmitter and receiver set allowing for precise manoeuvers, no interference from other RC models and extended range.The all new innovative 3G3X stabilization system for RC planes is a top of the range electronic enhancement technology that helps you to experience super smooth flight by automatically adjusting the plane if it senses that things are going wrong. This makes learning to fly so much easier and can help control the plane in windy conditions. 3G3X is also great for advanced pilots. You gain super smooth flight so you can fully focus on manoeuvers and stunts that you are performing and worry less about crashing the plane.

The model is made from very light and crash resistant EPO foam material making it an ideal model for a beginner learning to master the skills necessary for flying. The power unit of this trainer plane is a brushless 1822 8000KV motor, taking power from the supplied 3.7V 450mAh LiPo battery via a brushless 10A ESC. The flaps are controlled by 2 x 3.7g servos all factory pre-fitted and ready to use. This plane will be best suited to a beginner to RC flying or a pro pilot looking for a bit of fun. The model comes 80% factory assembled and only minor work like attaching the wing and landing gear is required. All the bits you will need to fly this model are included in the pack apart from 8 AA batteries for the transmitter.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Skyartec
Build RTF
Radio Equipment 2.4 GHz
Motor / Engine Brushless
Channels 4 Ch
  • Weight:120g
  • Length*height: 375*100mm
  • Main wing span: 540 mm
  • Tail wing span:180 mm
  • Motor:1822 8000KV
  • Battery: 3.7V 450mAh 20C Lithium-polymer
  • ESC: 3.7V 10A
  • Servos:3.7G
  • Transmitter: SKYG02 4CH 2.4GHZ mini LCD transmitter
  • Receiver: 4CH
  • All new 3G3X auto correcting system for amazingly smooth flight
  • Crash resistant EPO foam fuselage
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Mini 2.4GHz 4Ch LCD transmitter
  • 80% factory assembled with pre-fitted servos, motor and ESC. Everything included in the box
  • Usable in small spaces like parks and car parks
Required To Use
  • 8 AA batteries

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