Spark SR 4CH RC Remote Control Helicopter


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The brilliant new Spark SR is perfect if you’re looking to move up from an entry level co-axial helicopter, but want a little more size and performance than a “micro” has to offer. This new generation mini helicopter features a specially designed rotor head that provides the stability normally associated with a co-axial, whilst maintaining the agility of a single rotor design. Manufactured from quality composites for enhanced durability, the Spark SR’s powerful motor provides excellent performance, so it can even be flown outdoors on a calm day and the 4 channel 2.4GHz radio control system ensures you’re always in full command.


Length 260mm (10.2′)
Height 115mm (4.5′)
Rotor Diameter 270mm (10.6′)
Weight 78g (2.7oz)
Battery 420mAh 3.7v Li-Po

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